Reaching a milestone, Allowing for introspection, Forging new possibilities

Reaching a milestone

In 2016 I reached a milestone that I have been working toward for more than a decade. I earned tenure as a faculty member at a research intensive university. In 2005, when I shifted from high school classroom teacher to full time graduate student, I had only glimmers of notions of the journey that would lie ahead.

Allowing for introspection

I have been working so fiercely for so long that it feels somewhat unsettling to entertain the possibility of a pace less relentless. I am working to carve out more spaces for noticing, reflecting, and growing. I am learning that embracing my fervent passion for fostering students’ mathematical reasoning need not come at the expense of my well being.

Forging new possibilities

In late summer/early fall, I began to share my thinking and learning more publicly through my Twitter account, @HthrLynnJ. I started this blog. I intended to include more posts. I am giving myself space to be okay with my current number of blog posts. I am looking forward to new possibilities yet to come.


Taking in a view on the Trading Post trail at Red Rocks Park on the eve of NYE

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