Let’s share our ideas to grow them

How do we determine when we are “ready enough” to share our voice with others?

When do we think we have an idea that is “enough” to be worth sharing with a broader community?

What might happen if we start sharing our ideas to grow them?

I think about new ideas as living organisms rather than completed products. As I share ideas, I grow them.

I enjoy having written products, because they serve as records of my thinking at particular moments in time. And written products help me to learn how ideas have grown and continue to grow.

Here is one of my very first pieces of writing that I shared with a broader community

I describe a lesson that I submitted for my PAEMST application.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.52.48 AM.png

Using Data and Linguine to Discover the Triangle Inequality_PCTM_2003

Forging ahead with new ideas

In my current work, I design online tasks to provide students’ opportunities to engage in mathematical reasoning about difficult to learn concepts such as function and rate. In Why is it so hard for students to make sense of rate? I share where my ideas have come and are going.



  1. My thinking very similar as i started my blog this month.
    Here was my first post. http://bit.ly/2jY693k
    Looking forward to growing our thinking together.

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