I study students’ mathematical reasoning, and I take real breaks.

This week I revisited an advice column, Workload Survival Guide for Academics, which I came across last year.

Professor Andrew Oswald identified a price that comes along with the privilege of being a university faculty member: No clearly defined leisure time.

One way I make sure that I have leisure time:

Schedule time for real breaks.

One reason why my leisure time is so important: JOY

Joy in being.

Joy in scholarship.

How do you make time for leisure time?

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  1. The biggest habit I have to be careful about comes on those days when I think, “I want to go for a bike ride/hike/run/etc., but I really have work I should do first.” Too often, that leads me to think “work now, play later” but I end up unmotivated and I never finish the work and, by extension, never get outside. More often, now I try to get outside first and trust that if the work is really important it will get done afterward.

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