I have been thinking hard about how students make sense of graphs.

In my April 17 Global Math Department webinar, we’ll explore ways to help students see #HowGraphsWork

I hope many are able to join us. In case you aren’t able to make it, or if you would like to access resources after the webinar, I included links in this space.

Slides from the webinar


webinar video

Open Access Online activities

Desmos Activities: Cannon Man, Toy Car, and Ferris Wheel

NCTM Illuminations Ferris Wheel Interactive

a Blog post and an Article 

Steve Phelps’ (@giohio) Desmos Sketches

Isosceles Triangle   

Isosceles Triangle v4 

New York Times Column: What’s Going on in This Graph?

(Graphs selected in partnership with Sharon Hessney, the Statistics Content Director at Mass Insight Education)

Use Tech to Broaden Students’ Opportunities for Math Reasoning

Subtitle: The reason I’m giving this talk at #NCTM2017.

Think of technology as “playground equipment” that teachers can use to create online “learning playgrounds” for students.

By using different kinds of equipment, we can broaden students’ opportunities to engage in mathematical reasoning.

If you subscribe to NCTM’s Mathematics Teacher journal, you can read more here.Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.49.22 AM